In A Nutshell | February 26, 2021

Is Our Long-Awaited Youth Movement Finally Here? Three cheers for Erica Boyer! She has been a real champion in sharing her faithand her love for Oak Chapel with others. She has been inviting many of her peers toexperience our church and perhaps become actively involved with our ministry. This past Sunday, she brought four ofContinue reading “In A Nutshell | February 26, 2021”

In A Nutshell | February 19, 2021

Keep the Faith: A Revival is Coming I had a conversation last week with a longtime friend who asked me if I thoughtrevival was coming anytime soon. I wasn’t sure how to answer, especially given thecurrent circumstances, which would lead us to believe that we are nowhere close to anysort of spiritual awakening. In fact,Continue reading “In A Nutshell | February 19, 2021”

In A Nutshell | February 12, 2021

Ash Wednesday Symbolizes Death to Sin, Life in Christ It’s been almost a full year since we last opened the solemn season of Lent withthe imposition of ashes. As you may remember, we gathered in the sanctuary with ourfriends from New Pittsburg United Methodist Church to mark the 40 days leading up tothe epic eventsContinue reading “In A Nutshell | February 12, 2021”

In A Nutshell | February 5, 2021

Let Us Break Bread Together Celebrating communion on the first Sunday of each month is a sacred andlongstanding tradition at Oak Chapel and many other churches across the country andaround the world. It is a deeply personal sacrament that unites us as one with Christ. I had forgotten just how intimate communion was intended toContinue reading “In A Nutshell | February 5, 2021”

In A Nutshell | January 29, 2021

Billboarding Our Faith Scripture tells us to boldly proclaim our faith. It makes no mention of putting it on a billboard because, well, to the best of our knowledge, billboards did not exist in Biblical times. Still, we thought, “Why Not?” so we are moving forward with the project, planting the seed and waiting patientlyContinue reading “In A Nutshell | January 29, 2021”

In A Nutshell | January 22, 2021

Sleep Tight and Then Actively Bring the Church to the People             What keeps you up at night? We all have something that occasionally causes us to toss and turn. For me, it’s not so much about falling asleep — I can do that pretty much anywhere at any time. My problem is that ifContinue reading “In A Nutshell | January 22, 2021”

In A Nutshell | January 15, 2021

Bundle Up This Winter and Don’t Be Cold-Hearted Did you know that January 18-25 is typically the coldest seven-day period of winter in Ohio? Me neither! The bad news is that’s next week. The good news is that once we get through it, things should get slightly warmer, or at least not any colder. However,Continue reading “In A Nutshell | January 15, 2021”

In A Nutshell | January 8, 2021

Responding to Life’s Curve Balls When life throws you a curve, should you take the pitch, or swing as hard as youcan and try to hit it? I guess it depends on the situation, but often you don’t have muchmore than a split second to make a decision. Life is full of curve balls, andContinue reading “In A Nutshell | January 8, 2021”

In A Nutshell | January 1, 2021

Chances are, you are becoming less and less likely to answer your cell phone when an unfamiliar number comes up on your screen and the audio voice inside proclaims, “unknown caller.” That’s where I was a week ago when a Mount Vernon number appeared. One ring, two rings…O, what the heck, I’ll answer it, andContinue reading “In A Nutshell | January 1, 2021”

In A Nutshell | December 25, 2020

A Christmas Eve Paradox: Two Dead Mice, One Bright Light! Twas the night before Christmas and all through the church house, not a creature was stirring, not even a church mouse. That’s because the newly installed security system at Oak Chapel caught them roaming the halls after hours and zapped them. Well, that’s not reallyContinue reading “In A Nutshell | December 25, 2020”

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