In A Nutshell | July 28, 2023

God’s Presence in the Face of Evil The concept of God’s omnipotence is, indeed, complex and cumbersome, especially in the context of evil. How can the goodness of God coexist with the evil of this world? Well, it’s not really a question of why God can’t eradicate the malevolence in this world — I think a majority ofContinue reading “In A Nutshell | July 28, 2023”

In A Nutshell | June 23, 2023

What is Our Mission?  At the height of the Apollo space missions in the late 1960s and early 1970s, many of us were captivated by the television coverage of humankind’s exploration of the last frontier, particularly the lunar landing in July of 1969. As Neil Armstrong stated so profoundly through a static microphone when heContinue reading “In A Nutshell | June 23, 2023”

In A Nutshell | June 16, 2023

Join Us as We Pay Tribute to Our Fathers on Sunday Oak Chapel will honor its fathers — past and present — on Sunday with a special outdoor Father’s Day service. Please feel free to bring a comfortable chair to sit on, but if you don’t have one, we will have chairs available for you.Continue reading “In A Nutshell | June 16, 2023”

In A Nutshell | May 26, 2023

Join Us for a ‘Neighborly’ Service and Cookout on Sunday In the Gospel of Luke, an expert in the law asks Jesus a very important question: “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus responds by asking, “What is written in the Law?”  The expert then says, “‘Love the Lord your God with allContinue reading “In A Nutshell | May 26, 2023”

In A Nutshell | May 19, 2023

Charting a Plan for Our Future As most of you know by now, I will begin serving a second church in July. While I did not pursue this position, I am happy to serve God as called, but I want you to know that my commitment to Oak Chapel will never change. What may haveContinue reading “In A Nutshell | May 19, 2023”

In A Nutshell | May 12, 2023

Witnessing the Beauty of God’s Creation from up on the Hill As I gaze out of my office window, I am mesmerized by the brilliant yellow-green pasture just beyond the Mykrantz’s Farm. I have never witnessed such a spectacular sight. I thought I heard someone say that it was “granola,” but what they actually said,Continue reading “In A Nutshell | May 12, 2023”

In A Nutshell | May 5, 2023

A Blast from the Past: Vacation Bible School Returns this Summer Vacation Bible School is a cherished part of American culture, but participation has fallen off dramatically during the past 25 years. What was once a summer rite of passage is now a shell of its old self. At Oak Chapel, we have not hadContinue reading “In A Nutshell | May 5, 2023”

In A Nutshell | April 28, 2023

Church Closings are Cause for Alarm The announcement that another Ohio church was closing barely made news last week. Church closings have become all too commonplace in recent years, leaving us to wonder what our world might be like if a day comes when there are no churches at all. It may seem unthinkable thatContinue reading “In A Nutshell | April 28, 2023”

In A Nutshell | April 21, 2023

Applying the Wisdom and Discipline of Proverbs to Everyday Life The Book of Proverbs is renowned for its wisdom and discipline. One of my favorite passages and one of the most well-known is Proverbs 3:1-6, which states, “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart,  for they will prolong yourContinue reading “In A Nutshell | April 21, 2023”

In A Nutshell | April 14, 2023

Sorting Out the Change that Lies Ahead I have always been somewhat of a slow learner. It often takes two or three explanations or clarifications before I have a complete understanding of the subject matter. With that in mind, I would like to further clarify my recent appointment (also known as a “second charge”) atContinue reading “In A Nutshell | April 14, 2023”

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