In A Nutshell | November 20, 2020

Christ the King Sunday ‘Sets the Table’ for Thanksgiving Celebration             As we prepare for next week’s traditional Thanksgiving celebration, albeit in a much more restricted way because of the Covid crises, let us be reminded that there is another celebration that precedes Thanksgiving and sets the tone for the Christmas season. I had forgotten,Continue reading “In A Nutshell | November 20, 2020”

In A Nutshell | November 13, 2020

The More Things Change…             The month of November is not yet two weeks old, but in that short period of time, we have experienced at least two significant developments: the record-breaking ascent of COVID-19 cases and the changing of the guard in our nation’s highest office.             Each of us has been affected inContinue reading “In A Nutshell | November 13, 2020”

In A Nutshell | November 6, 2020

Let Youth Be Served (and Serve) If I were to tell you that I had discovered the key to the fountain of youth, would you believe me? Probably not! If I were to tell you that I had discovered the key to the future of the church, would I be any more believable? Maybe? Well,Continue reading “In A Nutshell | November 6, 2020”

In A Nutshell | October 30, 2020

Falling Back is Fine; Just be Sure Who’s Behind You             Don’t forget to “fall back” this weekend. Not literally, of course, but rather as a friendly reminder to turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. The good news is that we get an extra hour of sleepContinue reading “In A Nutshell | October 30, 2020”

In A Nutshell | October 23, 2020

Building a Saintly Legacy All Saints Day is a longstanding Christian tradition through which we rememberand reflect on the lives of those who came before us — those who helped us to build afoundation for our faith. It is a bittersweet occasion as we reflect on their passing with sadness, while alsorejoicing in the lifeContinue reading “In A Nutshell | October 23, 2020”

In A Nutshell | October 16, 2020

The Responsibility of the ‘Elect’ Election Day is just a few weeks away, and what a relief it will be when theincessant political ads, nasty campaign rhetoric, and vitriolic debates finally come to anend. It almost makes you want to crawl under the couch and hide until Nov. 4, but weknow we can’t do that.Continue reading “In A Nutshell | October 16, 2020”

In A Nutshell | October 9, 2020

The Frightening Reality of Spiritual Warfare Is it possible for a church to be haunted? I pose this question because lastSaturday, as I was preparing for Sunday’s service in the Sanctuary, I heard a series ofloud bangs that startled me. The unexpected and unsettling noises seemed to be coming from Fellowship Hallor possibly as farContinue reading “In A Nutshell | October 9, 2020”

In A Nutshell | October 2, 2020

The Nobility of a Straight Shooter             If you have ever played golf with our very own Tom Wheeler, you know that he is a straight shooter. While my shots go right into the woods, left into the water, and short into the sand, his balls go right down the middle, time after time afterContinue reading “In A Nutshell | October 2, 2020”

In A Nutshell | September 25, 2020

Time to Turn Over a New Leaf The leaves on the trees that line the western edge of our parking lot are justbeginning to turn, signaling the arrival of fall. One tree in particular — the fourth from theleft to be exact — has taken the lead with a brilliant burst of autumn red andContinue reading “In A Nutshell | September 25, 2020”

In A Nutshell | September 18, 2020

Nutshell – Try a Little Kindness Glen Campbell was a multi-media mega star in the 1960s and 1970s with a wildly popular variety show on television, and a seemingly non-stop string of hit songs as a recording star. His songs, which dominated both the country and pop music charts, included “Galveston,” “Wichita Lineman,” Rhinestone Cowboy,”Continue reading “In A Nutshell | September 18, 2020”

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