In A Nutshell | April 26, 2013

Hello, Oak Chapel friends,
In preparation for our participation in the “Change the World” event on Saturday, May 18, this Sunday I will begin sermon series titled “Be. Go. Do.” This week’s message, “Be the Change You Seek,” is based on Acts 9: 1 – 20. I encourage you to read this scripture before Sunday. Then join us for Bible Study on Sunday evening at 6:30 to discuss this text, the sermon and the ways in which we are called to live out our faith.
Elizabeth just sent the May Acorn a short time ago. Please read it carefully so you don’t miss any of our upcoming activities. I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday.
Next week’s calendar …
Sunday, 4/28 –Youth Groups at 6:30pm
                             Change the World Study at 6:30pm
Monday, 4/29 – Bible Study at 10:15am
                             Trustees Building Use Committee at 7:00pm
Wednesday, 5/1 – Morning Circle at Betty Taylor’s.
                             See Evelyn Silver or Joanne Jolliff regarding carpooling.
                             No Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, 5/2 – Worship Committee Meeting at 7:00pm
Friday, 5/3 – Church Women United at 6:00pm
Saturday, 5/4 – Weight Loss Support Group at 9:15am          
Itis a privilege to be your pastor and to serve among such an amazing community. See you church!!
Grace and peace,
Pastor Robin

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