In A Nutshell | August 21, 2015

Hello, Oak Chapel friends,
I received an e-mail from Robin Kitchen yesterday relaying an adorable conversation between Oliver and his friend Caleb, both age 5. I share part of that conversation here with you.
Caleb: We’re trying out new churches.  Our old one in Ashland is just too far.  We tried “Hope” church last week.  
Oliver: Well, maybe you can try my church.  We go on Sundays.
Caleb: Really?  Well we go on Sundays too!
Oliver: OK, so, go left up to the hills, then take 2 rights to the train.  Then go another right. When you see a playground and Pastor Robin’s house and lots of cars, that’s our church.  It’s called Oak Chapel. 
Their discussion goes on, but I have shared the crux of it with you. The dialogue between Oliver and his friend is cute; they sound like two little old men having a conversation on the porch. But this conversation is more than “cute.” At age five, Oliver is doing Kingdom work. He is reaching out to his friend, inviting Caleb to experience God with him. Oliver has much to teach us adults. When was the last time you reached out to a friend, inviting them to church to experience God with you?
Come experience God at work among us this Sunday as we continue our sermon series on Ephesians. My message titled “Making Melody in Your Hearts” is based on Ephesians 5:15 – 20. Come for worship at 9:30, then stick around for Sunday School at 10:30. I look forward to seeing you (and your friends!) there!
Below you will find announcements and other important information about upcoming events. Please review and mark your calendars accordingly.
Children’s Sunday School Assistants
Terra Aten leads the young children’s Sunday School class that meets during worship each Sunday morning. Her assistant this Sunday, 8/23 is Joanne Jolliff. Her assistant next Sunday, 8/30 is Cindy Mykrantz.
Hymn Sing Sunday
Next Sunday, August 30 we will have a hymn sing during our morning worship service. We’re compiling a list of favorite hymns and would like everyone to participate. On the back this Sunday’s attendance slip, please list your top three favorite hymns. Or you may reply to this e-mail with that information. We will tally the results and sing the Top Ten (or twelve or fifteen) next week.
Ladies Spiritual Spa Day
Our second annual Ladies Spiritual Spa Day will be held next Saturday, August 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. and will include chicken salad croissants, Strawberry Fields Salad, lemon muffins and beverages. There will be six stations to visit: 15 minute chair massage by a licensed massage therapists, basic manicures by licensed manicurists, wax hands, heated relaxation chairs, homemade hand scrub, and spiritual activities including prayer beads, and a few surprises, of course! The cost is $25 which must accompany your reservation. Reservations are limited to thirty women. Please see Phyllis Weaver to reserve your spot. If you have questions, please contact Christy Rickard.
Fair Parking
We will be parking cars again this year at East of Chicago Pizza and Swift Auto Parts during the Wayne County Fair (Saturday, September 12 through Thursday, September 17). As you know it takes many people to fill all the time slots we need to cover. There are empty slots available and the sign up sheet is on the narthex table. Please pick a time or two to park cars, if you are able. Thank you in advance for your help!! This project is a great fundraiser for our Church! Please see Christy Rickard or call her at 330-439-3201 with any questions.
Church Leaders for 2016
The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee will soon begin its work of praying and discerning who might be willing to serve in a leadership capacity at Oak Chapel in 2016. Below is a list of ministry areas within the church. If you have an interest in serving the church in one of these areas, please talk to Pastor Robin. Also, if you are approached by a member of the Nominations and Leadership Development Committee, please prayerfully consider their request. 
Staff/Parish Relations — works with pastor and staff to manage the ministry of the congregation
Trustees — responsible for the church building, grounds and other assets
Finance — oversees the financial aspects of the church including giving, bills, and audits
Outreach — encourages the church to move beyond the walls through mission and evangelism
Christian Education — responsible for the spiritual development of the congregation
Membership Care — cares for the overall well-being of the congregation
Worship& Music — works with the pastor to plan and implement all aspects of our worship experiences
Opportunities for Ministry Next Week
Sunday, 8/23 – Worship at 9:30am
                                    Sunday School at 10:30am
Monday, 8/24 – Prayer Shawl Ministry at 5:30pm
                                    Staff-Parish Relations Committee at 7:00pm
Tuesday, 8/25 – Girl Scouts at 5:45pm
Thursday, 8/27 – 4 – H at 7:00pm
Friday, 8/28 – Set up for Spiritual Spa Day at 7:00pm
Saturday, 8/29 – Weight Loss Support Group at 9:15am
                                    Ladies Spiritual Spa Day at 11:30am
It is a privilege to be your pastor and to serve among such an amazing community. I look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday!
Grace and peace,
Pastor Robin

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