In A Nutshell | May 13, 2016

Hello, Oak Chapel friends,
For Christians, Pentecost is a holiday on which we commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus. Pentecost is also considered the “birthday” of the church because on that day, three thousand people heard the disciples’ witness and became followers of Jesus. During worship on Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost and officially welcome our confirmands, Bridget and Simon Kitchen, into our community of faith. Come hear what these students have learned this Spring! My brief meditation is titled “Rednecks and Pentecost,” based on Acts 2: 1 – 21. Everyone is encouraged to wear red as a symbol of the power and fire of the Holy Spirit.
Below you will also find other announcements and important information about upcoming events. Please review and mark your calendars accordingly.
Children’s Sunday School Assistants
Terra Aten leads the young children’s Sunday School class that meets during worship each Sunday morning. Her assistant this Sunday, 5/15 is Joanne Jolliff.  Her assistant next Sunday, 5/22 is Cindy Mykrantz.
Flood Bucket Offerings
For the next four Sundays, we will do a “jingly bucket” offering for Flood Buckets. Please bring your spare change (or bills and checks!) to help those in times of crisis. The total offering, along with health kits, will be taken to Annual Conference and given to the Midwest Distribution Center of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).
Health Kits
One of the activities on Change the World Day (see info below) we will be assembling health kits. The items needed for these kits include: hand towels (approx. 16” x 28” – not dish towels); wash cloths; bath size soap (in wrapper); toothbrushes (in wrapper); wide-tooth combs; nail clippers and standard size band-aids. There is a supply board in the Narthex indicating the specific amounts needed. Please check it out!
Graduate Recognition Sunday
On Sunday, June 5, we will honor our graduates. If you know of anyone graduating from high school, college, or other post-secondary education, please notify the church office.
Jesus is Calling You to Reach Out – May 21, 2016
Please mark your calendars for our annual Change the World Event, Saturday, May 21 from 8:30 a.m. till Noon.  We will have opportunities for service to the church, the community and the world.  As in the past a group will be putting together health kits to be taken to Annual Conference in support of the ministries of the United Methodist Church.  Another group will be working with Habitat for Humanity to support this community ministry.  And there will be the opportunity to serve the world as a group will be cutting out denim shoes to share with people in Africa.  Please prayerfully consider participating in this opportunity to reach beyond the walls of our church to share the love of God through these ministries.
United Methodist Heritage Sunday
Sunday, May 22 is United Methodist Heritage Sunday. We will learn about some of our United Methodist forebears, hear the story of God’s faithfulness to past generations, and look toward the future with hope. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend.
Summer Worship Schedule
As we did last year, our Sunday schedule will flip for the summer months. Beginning Sunday, June 26, worship will be at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary, followed by Sunday School at 10:30 a.m. This schedule will continue through Labor Day weekend.
Opportunities for Ministry Next Week
Sunday, 5/15 – Sunday School at 9:30am
           Worship with Confirmation at 10:30am
Monday, 5/16 – Bible Study at 9:15am
           Trustees at 7:00pm
Tuesday, 5/17 – Blood Drive – St. Peter’s – New Pittsburg at 3:00pm
           Girl Scouts at 5:45pm
Wednesday, 5/18 – Choir Rehearsal at 7:00pm
Saturday, 5/21 – Change the World at 8:30am
           Weight Loss Support Group at 9:15am
It is a privilege to be your pastor and to serve among such an amazing community! I look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday!
Grace and peace,
Pastor Robin

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