In A Nutshell | March 27, 2020

Cracking Open the Nutshell

       With a little extra time on our hands during the current coronavirus outbreak, the newly formed Marketing and Communications Committee met online last week through an app called “Zoom.” It was a very insightful and productive meeting, and led to a number of good suggestions, including one that your Pastor resurrect a weekly missive to the congregation, so here we go…

Support for Oak Chapel

             During the current coronavirus outbreak, many of you have inquired about your continued financial support for the church, which is quite noble, but not surprising given the genuineness of your faith and the sincerity of your dedication to our church. 

            In consultation with the Finance Committee, we are suggesting that you mail your tithes and offerings to the church until we have an opportunity to worship together again and add our tithes to the offering plate in person. 

If you are a weekly donor, consider combining two or more weeks (paying a larger amount less often) so the volunteers counting and tracking the money don’t need to spend as much time at the church performing this administrative task. 

            Above all, give thanks to God for Oak Chapel! Pray for our church and our people. Be encouraged; we will be back in the pews soon enough.

Online Option

            We are planning to keep you connected through our weekly online video. Our brief 20-minute worship service can be accessed with a link that will be sent to you each Thursday or Friday for the foreseeable future. You will be able to watch on your computer, tablet, or phone. If you did not receive information for last week’s service, please let us know, and we will be sure to include in future notifications.

           Until we meet again, Blessings and Best Wishes! – Pastor John

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