In A Nutshell | May 1, 2020

Since You’ve Been Gone

Most of you have been sheltering at home during the past seven weeks, and wisely so, but I have to tell you that things are getting pretty lonely here at the church. You are missed more than you could ever know, and we long for your return.

I am hopeful that when the restrictions are lifted — and I imagine that will happen gradually — we will be able gather in the sanctuary, even if we still have to distance ourselves from one another and quite possibly make other concessions as well.

We worship in a beautiful sanctuary, blessed by God and built by our loyal ancestors, who probably never could have imagined that none of us would be there for seven straight Sundays, including Easter. But there are silver linings in almost every situation, and I am hopeful that you will return with newfound energy and enthusiasm, and that you might consider inviting a friend or neighbor, so that we can begin to grow.

The year 2020 began as one of great vision and promise, and despite the interruption, we still have an opportunity to make things happen before the calendar runs out. So store up your good ideas and rev up your personal engine as we get ready to reconnect. It will happen.

Until then, stay healthy, stay safe, be humble, and be hopeful!

Rockin’ Robin

We all know that former Oak Chapel Pastor Robin Dillon is a Rock Star, but did you know that she is also a prophet?

In looking over former editions of the “Nutshell,” I found that Robin wrote the following on June 4, 2016…

“Last night I returned from my week at Licensing School. It was a week of both teaching and learning for me as I prepare to take on the role of Dean of Licensing School, effective July 1. Events like this show our United Methodist connection. Through your support of me as your pastor, you also participate in the formation of new pastors in our conference. And who knows? One of those new pastors could be appointed to Oak Chapel someday.”

She was right! Your current pastor attended Licensing School last May under the very helpful and valuable mentorship of our own Robin Dillon, to whom I am extremely grateful.

So, the next time Robin speaks, we all need to listen — even more closely than we have in the past!

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