In A Nutshell | April 9, 2021

In and Out Might Not be Our Best Option

Quick lube oil change stations have been with us for some time now, and they
serve as just one more example of our desire to get things done quickly. We can’t seem
to take our time with anything these days. The faster the better…but to what end? What
are we doing with the time that we presumably save?

I would like to suggest that we attach a prefix to the first day of the week and call
it, “Slow-Down Sunday.” After all, that’s what God intended at the dawn of creation — a
day of rest. Unfortunately, we have made it just another day for shopping, leisure,
traveling, and, yes, even working. I don’t know exactly what God intended when he
proclaimed that we were to “Keep Holy the Sabbath,” but I’m pretty sure he didn’t
envision it to be the way it is today.

So, from here on out, I’m going to suggest that we take back the Sabbath. I have
been as guilty as anyone for using the day to “get stuff done,” but in the process, I have
realized that we have robbed ourselves of the time for rest, reflection, and relaxation
that God intended all along.

We wonder why we’re always so tired and weary. Perhaps a day of rest to
recharge our body, mind, and soul would make all the difference. Easter is over; it’s
time for a fresh start, but let’s try not to go in the same direction. Let’s try to slow the
frenetic pace we have gotten used to, which drags us down, adds to our stress, causes
perpetual fatigue, and often makes us sick — physically, mentally, emotionally, and
even spiritually.

Like so many things in life, keeping the Sabbath holy and peaceful is a choice.
Begin the day (and everyday) with reflection and prayer. Give thanks for another day of
life, and consider the opportunities we have to love and serve the Lord and one another.
Then engage in active worship at the church. Afterward, take time for fellowship with
friends and family, and maybe even sneak in a nap.

We simply cannot be at our best when we are exhausted. Let’s make a pact to
slow things down, enjoy the finer things in life, experience nature, re-engage with loved
ones, and just take it easy. Our bodies will be stronger; our minds will be sharper, our
emotions will be more balanced, and our soul will be more serene.

If we do this, we will be better off as a result, and our relationship with God and
others will grow and prosper.

Until we meet again, Be Blessed! – Pastor John

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