In A Nutshell | June 4, 2021

Oak Chapel’s ‘Team’ Ready to Take the Field and the World by Storm

The Cleveland Browns are the new darlings of the National Football League. Many of the so-called experts are picking them to go to the Super Bowl in 2022. Excitement and anticipation are running high, but the question is, how did they get here? After all, they were hardly an overnight sensation.

It has taken more than 20 years for them to re-establish themselves and become relevant again. General Manager Andrew Berry and Head Coach Kevin Stefanski are getting much of the credit — deservedly so. The general manager is charged with finding the right players and gradually building a talent-laden team. The head coach is then responsible for blending that talent and creating a successful team.

Oak Chapel is not a football team. We don’t have a general manager or a head coach, and yet, we operate on many of the same principles. We are to encourage and inspire others to join our congregation and then provide leadership so that we can accomplish our mission.

In football, the summer is considered part of the off-season, but it is also an important time of preparation. Likewise in the church, the summer provides for us an opportunity to plan for the year ahead.

A church pastor might be considered part general manager, part head coach. He or she needs to encourage people to join our church and then inspire them to carry out the work of the Lord. So, as we approach the fall, I am encouraging all of us to “get in shape” and join forces as we move toward “primetime” on the church calendar, with the hope that we can reach the “Super Bowl” when it comes to serving the Lord at the highest possible level.

How do we do this? Well, we don’t have the budget to sign any high-priced free agents. We do, however, have something of much greater value to offer, something worth than anything money can buy — a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who provides a pathway to salvation and eternal life. That, in and of itself, should be enough to attract people, but there are other more immediate benefits, including the power of worship, the comfort of corporate prayer, the camaraderie of fellowship, and the sense of peace that transcends all understanding.

Through God’s grace and guidance, we become equipped to minister to others while sharing His transformative Word. Join me as we get ready for the fall. God willing, there will be no more restrictions or distractions — only a clear and direct route to a more fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable life — in this world and the next.

Until We Meet Again, Be Blessed! – Pastor John

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