In A Nutshell | December 9, 2022

Setting Time Aside to Read the Bible

During a recent course of study at the Methodist Theological School of Ohio near Columbus, I took time to stroll through the library. As most libraries go, this one wasn’t all that large, but there were still rows and rows of books, many of which were gathering dust because they had not been opened, much less read, for years.

Books take us on many fascinating journeys, fueling our imagination and enlightening our mind, but with so many other things vying for our attention, we seem to have less and less time to read.

In my case, I usually start reading two or three books at one time, rotating from one to the other depending on my mood, but often, once I stop reading them, I have a hard time getting back to them, leaving me with shelves of books that are half read. I enjoy reading, but it makes me tired, and I lose my concentration, which causes me to fail to retain what I have read.

Many people feel that way about Scripture. It can be hard to understand and difficult to retain/ As a result, we set the Bible aside and fail to get back to it for weeks, if not months.

Perhaps together during this Advent season, we can launch a new initiative to read the Bible with more frequency and deeper thought. Let’s set some time aside during these last two weeks leading up to Christmas and read passages that intrigue us, as well as those that bolster us, and even those that baffle us. 

I suggest that you find a quiet place and a specific time each day, maybe before you go to bed or when you awaken the next day. That way, you can always have your Bible at your bedside to provide wisdom, clarity, direction, and comfort — any time of the day or night.

Until We Meet Again, Be Blessed! – Pastor John

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