In A Nutshell | February 10, 2023

After Further Review, Our Slate is Clean

Super Bowl LVII kicks off on Sunday evening, and once again the Browns will not be participating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the game.

No one can predict the outcome (although many will try), but there are certain things we can count on, including an extensive pregame show, a lengthy halftime show, and at least a handful of times when the referee will say, “after further review.” This, of course, will come when one of the coaches challenges a call on the field, prompting the officials to consult with video replay.

Sometimes the replay is so clear that the call is overturned; other times, there is not sufficient grounds to overrule the call.

Unfortunately, we don’t have video replay in life. True, there are now cameras on just about every corner, not to mention the millions of Americans who can use their phone to record something as it takes place, but we really can’t “take back” what we have said or done. Once it’s out there, people seize on it, and often refuse to let go.

Fortunately in our spiritual journey, we don’t need to worry about God keeping a record of wrongs. If we are faithful and confess our sins, then our slate is wiped clean. No need to worry about a spiritual video that goes viral. When we confess, he wipes away our iniquities and cleanses our soul. [Isaiah 43:25]

When our journey in this world comes to an end, we don’t need to worry about some massive camera in the sky. True, we are called into account for our words and actions, but when we confess and he forgives, we become holy and pleasing in his sight.

All that’s left at that point is to “go and sin no more” [John 8:11] or at least ensure that sin does not reign in our heart [Romans 6:12], and to remember to forgive others as God has forgiven us. [Matthew 6:14-15]

Until we meet again, Be Blessed! – Pastor John

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