In A Nutshell | March 24, 2023

Spring Has Sprung: Engage in Active Outreach 

Now that winter is over — at least officially — it’s time for us to come out of hibernation and back into the real world. True, March can a fickle month – warm and sunny one day, cold and blustery the next — but warmer weather is on the way, and perhaps we can make this spring a season of intentional outreach. 

In fact, our Outreach Team has already set the table for us with its “Peep” invitation initiative. If you haven’t seen or heard, this group has put together cute, colorful, and creative packets that we can hang on our neighbors’ door handles, informing them of our location and welcoming them to join us for worship and fellowship, especially on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Of all the events on the Christian calendar, Easter is the climactic celebration of our faith. Just about everyone knows what it is and who He is, but fewer and fewer people are choosing to celebrate the occasion.

Granted many people only come to church on Christmas and Easter, but perhaps this can mark the beginning of a new journey for them. Eight years ago, on Easter Sunday 2015, a man showed up in our Sunday school class at Church of the Cross. He was already a believer, but not necessarily an avid follower. That day changed everything. He has been active in the faith ever since, and grows more devout every day. 

There are many, many others like him out there – waiting and wandering. Let’s make sure that they receive an invitation this year. Our outreach committee has made it very easy. Pick up a “Peep” invitation this coming week, and post it on your neighbor’s door handle. Perhaps that will be the catalyst to get them out of hibernation and into an active relationship with the Lord and His church. 

Be a difference maker, and pick up a Peep today!

Until we meet again, Be Blessed!

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