In A Nutshell | April 14, 2023

Sorting Out the Change that Lies Ahead

I have always been somewhat of a slow learner. It often takes two or three explanations or clarifications before I have a complete understanding of the subject matter. With that in mind, I would like to further clarify my recent appointment (also known as a “second charge”) at New Pittsburg United Methodist Church. 

When I gave the information to our Staff-Parrish Relations Chair, Joyce Varns, who did an excellent job in explaining the situation to the congregations a few weeks ago, I did not have all of the facts straight. I thought that I was going to remain three-quarter time at Oak Chapel and become one-quarter time at New Pittsburg, thus making me essentially full time. I have since learned that that is not the case. I am still three-quarter time overall, which means I am three-quarters of three quarters at Oak Chapel (about 65%) and one-quarter of three-quarters at New Pittsburg (35%). 

Even with this revision, I do not anticipate a significant change in my role at Oak Chapel. I am still completely committed to our church, and I plan to be available as much as possible. We just may need to cut a few corners here and there in the future. In light of this readjustment, you may be asking, are we still paying the pastor the same salary? The answer is “No.” My annual compensation has been cut by at least $6,000.

I thank you for your great support as the two congregations work together to serve our Lord Jesus Christ for as long as He deems necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or text (330-988-2577). Thanks again for your support!

Also, just a reminder that we have added a Fellowship Dinner this month, and it will be held this Sunday (April 16). Please consider bringing a dish, salad, or dessert to share. The Wooster Township Fire Department will be giving a demonstration of how to use our AED equipment. We hope the need will never arise, but it is important that we are all prepared in the event of an emergency.

Until we meet again, Be Blessed! – Pastor John

Clarification: In my efforts to be fully transparent and forthcoming, I believe that I actually “muddied the waters” just a bit. My goal was to let everyone know that if my time at Oak Chapel would be reduced in any way, the church would be paying less in compensation as a result. What I failed to clarify is that the compensation from New Pittsburg United Methodist will make up for that and, in fact, result in an overall increase in compensation. I realize that this entire situation has been confusing in many ways, including to me, but all is well. My commitment to this church remains as it always has been, and I am confident that between the two churches, each will receive the ministerial and spiritual support they need. If anyone has any questions at any time, please feel free to contact me. – Pastor John

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