In A Nutshell | October 5, 2023

Let Us Be Blest When We Rest

If there is a bright side to the post-surgery experience, it is the wealth of free time that one suddenly has. But is that really a blessing or more of a burden?

Like many of you, I have been conditioned to make the most of every moment, to squeeze something out of every second, but during the past week I have found myself wondering just a bit, trying to be productive even when there is not much to produce.

It caused me to think about the way we live our lives in contrast to the way God intended for us to do so. Sure, he wants us to be industrious and fruitful, but he also encourages us to rest and relax.

We are, of course, all familiar with the 23rd Psalm in which we are advised to “lie down in green pastures” and “beside still waters.” In addition, Proverbs 3:24 comforts us with these words, “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

I think we would all agree that there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep to restore the body and comfort the soul. We are sharper mentally, healthier physically, sturdier emotionally, and stronger spiritually when we are rested.

Setting aside time for rest is, indeed, essential to our performance, our balance, and even our sanity. Compromising one’s need for rest is not a wise choice. I will admit that I can’t wait to get back to a regular routine at the church, but I have learned that I cannot be effective without sufficient rest and relaxation, and I hope that you, too, will take time to rest your body and restore your soul so that together, we can all serve the Lord with even greater energy and enthusiasm moving forward.

Until we meet again, be blessed.

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